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Our team of professionals at Fredrickson Communications in Mebane, NC, offers a combined experience of 40 years in telecommunications, telecom consulting, VoIP, and online marketing spaces. With this experience, we’ve made a name for ourselves across the state for our reliable business phone and internet services. 
In addition to internet and phone services, we are also digital marketing consultants for small and medium sized businesses throughout the region. Providing services to help your business gain new customers through a proven online marketing strategy, we work with each client to develop a brand strategy that sets you apart from your competition.

Digital Marketing   

Digital Marketing
When consumers think of a service or product do they think of your company first? If not, contact our marketing team and we will design strategies to make you the leading business in your field. We have the ability to help you with building new websites, managing your social media, optimizing your online listings and getting people to call you!
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Telecommunications Analysis  

Communications Network
Are you paying more than $25 per line for your business phone system? Let Fredrickson Communications, located in Mebane, NC, conduct a free one-hour consultation and analysis of your wired, wireless, and internet service providers. As we dive deeper into your telecommunication needs, we’ll assess your current technology and recommend updated technology and products that will increase your overall profit.   
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Fredrickson Communications

About Us

When you work with us to meet your telecommunication needs, you’ll be in great hands. We’re proud to offer our clients access to more than 150 different service carriers across the U.S. From hosted VoIP and SD wide-area networking to website development and cloud services, we do it all.

We offer extensive experience in telecom with major clients such as Duke Hospital, Duke University, Cleveland Clinic and CBRE-Raleigh. Candace Granger-Fredrickson has 15+ years experience in marketing and accounting.  She specialized in telecommunications startup companies as they became established in the wireless and wireline space.

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