Telecom Analysis

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Over the last 25 years we have found that companies struggle to understand the ever-changing world of telecommunications. With Fredrickson Communications, you will receive a cost free analysis of your wireless, wireline, and internet providers. As we dive deeper into your needs, we will assess your current technology and recommend updated technology and product to increase your overall profit.

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To get started, contact our team for a no obligation, cost-free analysis

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Marketing Consultation

When consumers think of a service or product do they think of your company first?   If not, contact our marketing team and we will design strategies to make you the leading business in your field.

We are in the business of finding the best solution for your business so that you can be found on Google. From products like social media management, online ads, custom content and custom reporting, there are a wide variety of solutions that we have access to in order to help your business be successful online. 


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